We Invite You to Share Your New Day With Us - Company Message
At New Beginning Christian Church our first responsibility is to glorify God in all we do or say. That is only possible when we love God with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength. In doing that, we will have a greater understanding and revelation of how much God has demonstrated His love toward us, and we should also demonstrate that same love towards others. Our love for others is best demonstrated by sharing the gospel, the good news about Christ, introducing and welcoming you into our family, teaching God’s Word and the relevance that it has in our daily lives.
Our mission is to gather God's people to jointly work together to bring them into the knowledge of the Son of God, through work of the ministry which magnifies the body of Christ. 
The work of the ministry will encourage daily living through Christian principles in the lives of our family, youth, and community, through worship, education, support, and cultural awareness for the perfecting of believers who are called in the unity of faith to insure salvation, happiness, health, and strength.
The undergirding of our mission is summed up in God’s two “Greats” in the Bible. His Great Commandment and his Great Commission (Mark 12:28-34 & Matthew 28:19-20).